VEGA Conflict

All you need to know about the facebook game VEGA Conflict. How to play, tips and even cheats.

VEGA Conflict - All you need to know about the facebook game VEGA Conflict. How to play, tips and even cheats.

VEGA Conflict

VEGA Conflict Game Is Based On An Appealing Space Theme

VEGA Conflict is based on the space theme. It has a complete story format. The game is totally new for players, and they are given the choice to add resources, research technologies, modules, create ships, raid the opponents and save their base as well.

VEGA Conflict creates an environment where the players have to work within limited construction, researches, upgrades and different levels of resources. The player can build new modules, but they have to construct different parts. It is their duty to install the parts into modules and fighting ships. All these actions can only be performed if the resources are present in high amount. Whenever a player starts the game, it becomes his desire to collect all the resources as soon as possible. It is actually a strategy game.

The VEGA Conflict does not offer the player to buy the land on another planet. The player can visit the space. The resources and different valuable structure are drifting in the air. The collection of these resources is a difficult task. The asteroids have a small amount of resources. If the player puts his resource miners near the asteroids, he can get the linked resources as well. These new resources can include Helium 3, Zynthium and Mineral Ore etc.

The player can also come across various research technologies like shields, rail guns, Harrier frigate and Tritanium etc. these technologies can be used when the player or his base is being attacked by an enemy. The first and foremost thing is to build up a remarkable and powerful fleet.  After getting satisfied from equipment and ships, the player has to make up his mind to attack the enemy base and fleets. The VEGA Conflict has potential to keep the player busy in making new fleets and destroying the enemy. The game starts by attacking the enemy. The player has to protect all his ships from the attack. If one party has lost all the ships, the level will get finished. If the player has destroyed the fleets of enemy, he can join the new level as well.

The VEGA Conflict gives a short tutorial at the start of the game to the players. The player has given the opportunity to build his own fleet, upgrade resources and research new products. However, the game does not provide any support for winning the battle. The player has to plan his own strategies. The VEGA Conflict can be won by attacking the enemy with the help of your mouse. The game is based on the right and left clicks of the mouse. When the player clicks on the structure, he has given a list of choices to perform the function. In a case, the player has to destroy a ship, he cannot get the help of keyword keys. He has to target the ship with the help of mouse. It is really a time taking process and it is suggested to introduce some other function in the real time game.

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