VEGA Conflict

All you need to know about the facebook game VEGA Conflict. How to play, tips and even cheats.

VEGA Conflict - All you need to know about the facebook game VEGA Conflict. How to play, tips and even cheats.

VEGA Conflict Tips

How To Know The VEGA Conflict Tips?

VEGA Conflict is an interesting newly launched game. It has been liked by the majority of the players. It has a strategic way of fighting with the enemies. The game starts in the space. The player has to set up all his fleets and weapons in the space. First of all, he has to establish a powerful base in the space. The VEGA Conflict tips are really helpful in learning the basic steps of the game. These tips can assist the player from the first level to the last level of the game.

The VEGA Conflict tips are highly important as these are sources of learning the rules and regulations of the game. It is the way to win the game. The VEGA Conflict forum is also supportive as the qualified players can guide the new. The VEGA conflict is a real time game which is developed by the popular KIxeye. It is a fighting game, but it develops the interest of the player by keeping him busy in making his base. The player has to use his own strategies to win the game.

The VEGA Conflict tips can guide the players to get immediate access to important resources like Mineral Ore, Helium and Zynthium. These products can be achieved with the help of asteroids. The player has to collect the floating influential resources from the space. Whenever a level is completed, the player can get more minerals. The minerals and resources are used to give energy. Try to keep as many resources as you can. The VEGA Conflict tips can support the player to create different kinds of fleets. The Rambo fleet can move quickly and easily kills the opponents’ ships, whereas the Sniper fleet is used to kite with highly developed weapons. It is up to the player to select one of the above two mentioned kind of fleet.

The VEGA Conflict tips are helpful in completing the levels of the game. Each level is different to the other level. However, all the levels need to have more and more resources. The player can press the black color bar, and it can select all the ships at a time. The mouse clicks are highly important in selecting an individual ship. It is important to play the in the given time level. The game has been dependent on mouse clicks for performing the functions. The player has to manage the time as the mouse click is a time taking experience. The space is also used in attacking and selecting the enemy fleet. If one of your ship is in danger, try to come back in the safety border line. Move your ship from the dangerous position and concentrate on destroying the enemies’ ships one by one. Keep in mind that the VEGA Conflicts tips can support you a lot in winning the game. When the enemy will lose all the ships, you will earn the resources. The next level will get started with resources. Try to reserve your precious minerals and products for your energy.